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Fuel Injection (EFI) Servicing

Your electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is designed to rapidly deliver fuel to the engine in a highly efficient manner, helping your vehicle to run smoothly, at peak performance and using the minimum amount of fuel.

Symptoms of an EFI problem include the smell of fuel in the car, idling roughly, problems with starting and frequent stalling.

If you suspect you have a problem, bring your vehicle in for a no obligation inspection before it gets any worse. We are located in Port Melbourne and serve customers from South Melbourne, Richmond, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, Prahran, Docklands, Brighton and surrounding areas in and around Melbourne.

Our various EFI Services include items such as;

  • Diagnostics, testing and inspection
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Cleaning your Throttle valve, fuel filter and fuel injector
  • Checking sensors
  • Checking engine control unit (ECU)

Here’s a bit more info about EFI problems and about how we diagnose and fix problems with your EFI...

  • We use specialised computer diagnostic equipment to test your car’s ECU (electronic control unit). The ECU is basically a central computer which controls (amongst other things) the fuel injection process by taking information from the many sensors spread throughout the vehicle and making “decisions” based on pre-programmed inputs. The ECU can ‘self-diagnose’ faults and send out a special fault code which our diagnostic scan equipment is able to extract and interpret.

  • Quite often, the ECU is being given ‘wrong’ information by faulty sensors or other environmental factors and this is when we have to call upon our expert knowledge and advanced diagnostic training to correctly identify the problem.
  • Electronic probe testing and visual inspections can be made of your car’s sensors, throttle valve, fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors to make sure they are working correctly

  • Any leaks must be located and fixed without delay – Air leaks will seriously affect the performance and fuel economy of your car and can cause severe damage to engine components and quite obviously we don’t want fuel leaking out anywhere!

  • Over time, Fuel lines, filters and valves can become clogged with contaminants or tank sediments so they will need to be cleaned or replaced. Where necessary components can be unclogged using special flushing compounds.

  • If any sensors or the lines connecting them to the ECU are damaged they will need to be fixed or replaced. While your car technically might be able to function without some of these sensors, they all keep track of information that is vital to the efficiency, performance and safety of your vehicle so your ECU will usually not let you run the vehicle until they are fixed, and it will often send the vehicle into a state of basic operation known as ‘limp mode’

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